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Every business needs some level of marketing. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you constantly need to create opportunities to build and promote your products. Marketing is a chance to educate, entertain and inspire your potential customers to buy from you. It is one of the most important things you can do for your company.

Meet Trost Marketing

Powerful Marketing Solutions That Fuel Growth

We are a collection of inspired and ambitious marketing specialists that have the tools and knowledge to help your business grow. Using our on-site state-of-the-art printing facility we deliver faster service and lower costs for your business. We understand that we don't win if you don't win, so building a long-term relationship of trust and helping you succeed is our number one priority.

The Trost Marketing Difference

How important are you? Our daily mission is to connect with you to help you achieve your dreams for your business. We are more concerned about a long-term relationship than the short-term sale. Marketing is your first connection with your customer. It is your investment in yourself and we take that very seriously.

Our expert printing, fulfillment and promotional services have helped small businesses to Fortune 500 companies across the country. We would love the opportunity to get to know you better and help you make your marketing more powerful.

Direct Mail Custom Postcards

Direct Mail Custom Post Cards

6.125"x10.875" solo direct mail card on 10pt glossy card stock. These eye-catching pieces are custom made with your companies information and mailed to potential customers. Potential customers are identified by demographic indicators by zip code carrier route or at the household level.

Direct Mail Custom Tri-folds

11"x17" solo direct mail card on 70# glossy text stock folded to 11"x5.75". These over-sized pieces are custom made with your companies information and mailed to potential customers. Potential customers are identified by demographic indicators by zip code carrier route or at the household level.

Direct Mail Custom Postcards

Kall8 Tracking

Kall8 is a unique toll-free number that we assign to your direct mail pieces. This kall8 number routes straight to your phone number so the customer experience is seamless. The advantage is that the calls are recorded and e-mailed to your business. Recorded calls show full caller ID, date and time of the call, and duration. You can use these calls for follow up or sales training. They allow you to track your campaign and maximize every opportunity. Kall8 numbers are active for 90 days from the campaign date and are renewed when you do another campaign within those 90 days. Real time reports can also be created to help you identify informative statistics about your calls such as campaign analysis, real-time detail, and totals by day, time, month etc.

Direct Mail Mapping

Direct mail mapping graphically shows the areas mailed. This is a great tool to help retailers identify the actual neighborhoods of their campaign, and they can use these maps to follow up with future campaigns or door knocking crews. Maps are another marketing tool provided by Trost Marketing to help you maximize every sales opportunity.

DataGuide Demographic Method (DDM)

Powerful marketing campaigns start with great demographics. Trost Marketing's DataGuide Demographic Method (DDM) is our demographic selection process that helps you fine-tune your marketing. There are many types of customers you can target, but your product is best served focusing on the most qualified potential customers. Without the DataGuide your campaign can lose it's power. So focus your next campaign with Trost Marketing and increase your marketing power!

Radius Mailings

Ever look around your neighborhood and notice that the people around you drive the same kind of cars, make a similar income and are in the same stage of life as you? More often than not they also have the same buying tendencies as you. This means they have the same needs as you. If they need a new roof, chances are your roof is due to be replaced too. A Trost Radius mailing uses this principal to help businesses target a recent customer's neighbors. A radius can go well beyond the neighbors on a street. In most cases, potential customers can be anywhere in their neighborhood. Call your Trost Marketing representative to learn more about our radius mailing program.

Direct Mail Custom Postcards

Door Hangers & Brochures

Want a low cost per sale? Trost Door Hangers are a great way to increase sales and help you maximize your marketing funds. Target areas where you've done business in the past or expand your market. With low entry level pricing order as many or as few as you need. Don't miss out on this low cost per sale option.

Direct Mail Custom Postcards

Insert Campaigns

Looking to advertise in your local newspaper? Trost Marketing will customize a newspaper insert and then negotiate the placement in your desired market. This is a turn-key program for printing and ad placement. Because of our national buying power and marketing experience, we are typically able to acquire great rates for you in any newspaper across the country. Campaigns can be scheduled for single or multiple run dates.

Banners and Flags

Make your mark and capture your audience's attention. Banners and flags are a great way to bring attention to what you are selling. They are perfect for high traffic areas or a great conversation starter in your showroom. These simple advertising elements advertise your message and are instantly noticed. With banners and flags, you can advertise virtually anywhere. Choose from our pre-created templates or go full custom, and the pricing is out of this world.

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